On Thursday April 27th, the Checker Hall Seventh-day Adventist Church, in collaboration with the Barbados Light and Power Company Limited, hosted its annual Prayer Service for students taking the Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination (BSSEE).
The Service this year was organized by Mrs. Yvonne Greaves – Education Secretary, Checker SDA Church, and attended by Students and Teachers from the following schools in the North of the Island, namely: St. Lucy Primary, Half Moon Fort Primary, Selah Primary, Ignatius Byer Primary and Boscobel Primary. Also in attendance were Mr. Lomer Rock – Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation; Ms. Jennifer Blackman – Communication Coordinator, BL&P; and Pastors Anthony Hoyte and Jamiel Blackman – St. Lucy Districts of Seventh-day Adventist Churches.
In his brief address, Pastor Blackman admonished the students to have the right attitude towards their work which in turn can determine their aptitude to success, and the altitude to which they may soar. He outlined that when natural ability is combined with supernatural ability the result will be good success. Pastor Hoyte offered special prayer for the students.
The students were each presented with a package, on behalf of the Checker Hall SDA Church and the Barbados Light and Power Company by Ms. Blackman, before refreshments were served and they were dismissed.


Students and Teachers in attendance at the Prayer Service for Eleven Plus Exams Students.


Invited Guests, Teachers and Representative Students of the Five (5) School in attendance: Inset: From left to right, Pastor Anthony Hoyte and Ms. Jennifer Blackman and Right to left, Mr. Lomer Rock, Pastor Jamiel Blackman and Mrs. Yvonne Greaves flanks the students, while the teachers stand at the rear.